BLD is a non-invasive optical sensor, developed to detect small amounts of blood in clear fluids passing through a CB002 plastic disposable cuvette. 

A threshold triggers an alarm if the amount of blood in the fluid exceeds a pre-defined threshold. 

BLD detects several working condition (no cuvette in the sensor slot, cuvette filled with physiological solution, cuvette with blood to a specific concentration). These measurements are performed in real time (5 s response time). 

A most accurate BLD version has been developed (called BLDI). BLDI is able to detect all the same working status with a major blood sensitivity (0.35ml/1200ml)

  • BLDI


  • Blood concentration: 0.05‰ - 1‰
  • Blood Sensitivity: 0.05‰
  • Flow range: 0.3-7.0 l/min
  • Operating sensor temperature: 10-50°C
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Status Code: 0-1 under-up threshold