Our Solutions

Based on knowledge acquired by:

  • Research & Development
  • Continuos Innovation

Our Experience

Based on skillness and know-how supported by:

  • Dynamic and lean company organization
  • more than 15 years of experience
  • Use of advanced technologies


DATAMED srl is a small enterprise committed to design, manufacture and commercialize biomedical instruments, equipment and devices mainly based on optoelectronics technologies.

DATAMED srl has been officially founded on 1995 as spin-off of activities on development of optoelectronic devices and instruments from a previous research and development experience.

In 2002 DATAMED srl has developed a compact, easy to use and low cost sensor probe (BLOP4) able to measure blood's oxygen saturation and hematocrit values for extracorporeal circulation applied in hemodialysis treatments.

The ability in the electronic, hardware and software design, combined with the knowledge of optical technologies, acquired over many years of research activities, makes our company a reliable partner for the design and development of innovative sensor devices base on optical techniques . As a matter of fact many leading enterprise working in the medical fields, have established a business with us.

DATAMED srl mainly operates on feasibility study, design, development and manufacturing of optoelectronic for medical application. Projects are managed from design phase, through engineering, certification, production, and post market service. Devices, fullfilling CE mark regulations, are manufactured for leading Italian and European companies operating in Cardiac Surgery, Dialysis, Urology and Gastroenterology fields

DATAMED srl expertise has been applied on development of components, systems and finished products for diagnostic and monitoring application. Optoelectronic non-invasive technology is by far the most important knowledge of DATAMED srl.

Every effort is turned to achieve innovation, reliability, low cost and the best design and industrial quality level.

DATAMED srl is particularly interested in esthablishing comarkership relation with potential Partners as a consequence of their Total Quality System implementation and just in time approach to the logistic-productive activities. This novel relationship approach can reduce various operating costs like those of Logistic, Technological Innovation and Quality ones and gives an alternative solution to every Company's dilemma: Make or Buy?

DATAMED srl policy has always been to constantly upgrade and acquire tools and equipment for laboratory development of scientific and medical devices.

The main technological skills are in the following fields:

• microprocessors hardware and firmware knowledge both for 8 bit and 32 bit architecture;

• high technology digital electronic design;

• SMT assembling technology;

• low noise and high speed analog and digital signal processing electronics;

• very low power consumption circutry for portable battery powered devices;

• optics and optoelectronics design expertise;

• high level software design for PC Windows© based system;

• rapid mechanical prototyping;

• 3D mechanical design;

• regulatory and biomedical legislation knowledge applicable to quality and safety international requirements.

The company has also knowledge about industrial processes typical of disposable medical devices (i.e. sterilization, assembling, materials biocompatibility and risk analysis)

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